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Discover the fascinating art of lampworking, an ancient glassblowing technique, guided by full time artisan Alan Ussher.

With a glassblowing journey that commenced in 2000, Alan has honed his expertise in crafting exquisite functional and artistic glassware, specialising in borosilicate glass.

Following the unfortunate devastation of his studio following the 2022 floods, Alan has now re-established his studio and is offering one-on-one instruction and taking requests for specially made glassware.

Glass blowing workshops are a great way to get a hands on introduction to glassblowing and to experience the wonderful nature of borosilicate glass.

Alan can accommodate one person per workshop via booking.

Glassblowing workshops are $100 per hour per person, minimum of 2 hours per booking, which includes the use of glass tools and torches, glass, gases, demonstrations and guidance throughout the process.
The student takes home any demonstration pieces made by Alan and anything they make in the session.

For more information and bookings please contact Alan
email :
phone : 0439468983
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