alan ussher glassblowing studio
Alan Ussher is a glass artist working in a style of glass blowing known as lampworking and flame working.
Alan works full time as a glassblower making art glass and functional glassware.

The studio is located at Lismore, central to the popular tourist locations of Byron Bay, Ballina and Nimbin in the beautiful Rainbow Region of Northern NSW, Australia.

Alan Ussher Glassblowing Studio is open to the public Tuesday to Friday, 12 to 6pm and by appointment.

Alan has glass for sale, teaches glassblowing workshops and performs glass blowing demonstrations at his longterm studio at Silvercloud Studios (The Old Chocolate Factory), in South Lismore.

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Above: ‘Starship’ 2016 - lampworked borosilicate glass

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Over the years Alan has developed an impressive range of functional and artistic glassware -
wearable glass, glass pendants, wine glasses, beads, brooches, hairpins, teapots, sculpture, perfume bottles, spinning tops, kitchen decanters, wine decanters, guitar slides, marbles & orbs, rings, buttons, hourglasses, toys and other functional glass.

Alan makes work on commission, some apparatus repairs and modifications and specialised glassware for some scientific and custom applications.

Honey eater glass bird by alan ussher

Above: ‘Honey Eater’ 2016 - lampworked borosilicate glass

"The versatility of borosilicate glass, both for functional and artistic applications, has sent me on a journey.
It's a journey of a daily working relationship with gravity, slow moving fluid, colour, form, symmetry, and an evolution of intuitive synchronisation between hands, breath, balance, timing and heating.
Years of repetition and observation have brought me to this point.
I continue to diversify and capture 'information' in glass, conveying a moment of my time on planet Earth.”

For exhibitions, unique wedding gifts, glass blowing workshops, glass commissions or wholesale enquiries please contact Alan by
phone or email.